Our team is looking for Rhino models!


We are improving the Rhino importer and seeking your input on a few things.

The following form asks a few questions about your workflow and allows for file uploads. If you are a Rhino user interested to help us improving how Unreal Studio works with Rhino files, click here:

Thanks a lot for your help!


Done, thanks!

Please also work on solidworks. I would also be willing to participate with the rhino submissions.

How could I miss out this thread?!
I will put a link to it and to the survey on where all Rhino stuff is discussed.

It can be found under:

Great idea! Thanks for that!

Please take a look at this approach to the Rhino&Grasshopper -> Unity communication made by one user. Many people would be very excited to see something like that in UE4. As you may know, Grasshopper is an extremely powerful tool with a constantly growing community. Making it easy to use together with UE4 would benefit both Rhino & UE4 users.
What do you think, how are the chances?