Our team is looking for 3D Artist and Level Designer

We are looking for more peoples to bring in our development team. Currently we are looking for 3D Artist that can do or help us with concept art,and also looking for level designer to design our world in our new game (already had experience in UE4,Maya,Blender or World Machine/Modo)

Little look at project.
We are developing First Person Adventure/exploration game,set in Montana. You are playing as female character getting back from a road trip when suddenly her car stops in middle of road in woods. Player will be able to try to find help,investigate and explore beautiful and mysterious landscapes of National Forest Beaverheads Deerlodge Montana.
Map will be made from 3 big pieces. Each of them is unique (Lake,Swamp,Main forest,Mountains…) .

If you are interested joining our team and being part of the team contact me at >

*Project is currently in early phase,first part of the 1st map is finished.

Is this a paid project or more of a royalty share kind of thing?