Our studio's FPS game in WebGL

WebGL is an incredible way to bypass walled gardens like the storefronts and App Stores, and it’s only going to get better from here with the advent of WebGPU.

Link to our game : BrawlBots - FREE FPS BROWSER GAME! by DigiPlay Gaming

Link to our Discord community: Wonder

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You probably want to find a way to cut down on file size ex: you dont need to package the crash handler because theres no way to launch it, you dont need engine content, and the biggest problem is it doesnt actually work (testing on chrome) so i couldnt tell you anything more, like shader permutation reduction

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Agreed 100% my friend! I will admit this is actually an older build that doesn’t have the newest file optimizations included another developer and I have been collaborating on.

Something like Basis compression (by Binomial) cuts down on the texture sizes massively and creates a relatively quick load time for the end user. Going to continue improving this until we near instant game binaries can be shipped in WebGL, fetching only what’s necessary right away so the user has as little friction as possible from the time they click the URL to the point in which they engage with the game/app.

Hi, thanks for sharing! The game won’t start, I see a red line at the top: “ReferenceError: SharedArrayBuffer is not defined”. Tested in Firefox.

Try turning on SharedArrayBuffers in Firefox, that should fix it :slight_smile:

After re-trying, when clicking singleplayer, it just sends me back to the main menu, host game is an endless loading screen, and 0.25 gb is far too big for a web game, devs plz optimize (and fix).

Try selecting CTF :slight_smile: