Our Students need help!

**Hello Guys,
I know all here have many Projects and Work but us hopeful that anyone can help us.

We are an Academy for 3D Artist in Germany and like the Projects on our Students make alive to show up for the Gameindustrie.
We are no Programmer so we need help to create Template(s) to create good Portfolios for our Students.

What we need:

Basic Charakter Movement (self done jet)
Wall Jumps (self done jet)
Wall Climbing
Wall Run
Around a Loop (like Sonic)
Skill (no in place animation “Root Motion?!”)
Damaged Charkter -> Falling/ Hit on Shooting/ Melle (to Show up the Animation of Dmg)
Inventory System (for showup Icons + UI)
Chance Weapon System
Gapping System (Spiderman)

To show up the character, Textures, Level Designs, Animation etc.

We don’t like creating a game only Examples for the Genres in Gameindustrie

We can offer the helper to get a Offical Education Partner on our Acadamy.

Thanks for you Time :slight_smile:

You can Contact me via Message System.

Best regards

Do you search someone that would like to help (then I will move your thread into the got skills section), or do you want some information about how to create the upper mentioned gameplay elements? :slight_smile:


thanks for fast reply, but hard Question i have intresst to lern but any doesnt say No if any creat a Template :slight_smile: