Our Ghosts of War - World War 2 Survival Game


– Buildings
– Inventory
– Rain
– Militarypedia / UI
– Birds
– Advanced Cover System
– Social System
– Running and Gunning
– River Currents

OCTOBER 2016 Progress Report

– Adaptive Binaural Wind
– Spawning
– Team Selection
– Saving
– Rat Animal AI
– Health, Stamina, Hunger, Hydration, and Temperature
– Achievapedia
– Fast Travel

Ill be following this one, looks good.

Looking good except for the skybox doesn’t have much depth in the horizon.

Thanks for the kind words. Still very early. Doing a lot of research right now to make this game as accurate to Omaha Beach right down to the locations of the bunkers. Our goal is to focus this on VR platforms although it will also be well suited for regular gameplay as well. 4.8 is a lifesaver by the way. Foliage was killing us before. Now it works so much better. :slight_smile:

World War 2 and adventure games ? Hell count me in. I am looking for the mix :smiley:

Looking good! :slight_smile:

Nice, this is looking great!

Looks good, keep it up. you have to work a bit on the water it looks kinda like water in a cup, make it a little bit dirty

Your kind words are acting as fuel for our motivation to see this thing through. Thank you so much for your support. :slight_smile:

So like we said before: our goal is to make the most accurate representation of Omaha Beach (D-day, Normandy) ever made for a video game. This has lead to a number of logistical nightmares, the least of which is trying to figure out exactly where each of the 14 or so bunkers that were spread out across the beachhead actually should be placed on our game map. We’re going to do the best we can to approximate the locations for now but its inevitable that we’re going to have to fly out to France sometime to document every single one of the bunkers in order to make sure they’re all in the right place.

Today we discovered that the satellite we were using actually was incorrect. No sweat though. We’re on it. The blue area is Omaha Beach. The red area is the area we thought the beach was looking at the satellite information. Upon a closer inspection its come to our realization that things weren’t matching up. Apparently the big curve is not the beach. Just a small part of it. So today the new satellite date with go through mudbox before I import it into engine. I’ll keep you updated!

Awesome work on Omaha beach, looks very atmospheric. Waiting for new details!

Looks like Omaha is progressing well! Love the water-streaks across the sand material. Only feedback would be to sink some of the traps into the sand a bit - not to be that guy, but many of the images I’ve seen have tank traps half submerged both in the water and in the sand.

Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:
The images we post here are mostly for letting you guys know that there is this and that asset and we are progressing. We haven’t actually begun designing the beach yet but I see what you mean. I’m also working on a blueprint to make the blending of the models with terrain looking much better since still placing the models on terrain surface or pushing them inside a bit doesn’t add much realism to the look of it. There should be some intersection details going on. Many thanks for your opinion and images, we will definitely take it into consideration when we are designing the beach. :slight_smile:

@Others, Thank you for the kind words.

Obviously still a WIP guys. We’re just testing the model for now. Our water will need some work too. Thinking about incorporating Nvidia Waveworks down the line once we’re further into development.

Im super excited about this, looks good.

WN 68

Hey everybody, I’m Jack and I’m one of the other environment artists/modelers working on “Our Ghosts of War”. This is the first of the fourteen bunkers on Omaha Beach. I’m adding a modified Panzer IV turret to the top of the bunker.

Finished 1911 for our Project and for the Unreal Marketplace!

Looks kinda rea… dat DOF effect JEZ. Remove that DOF effect its like so lacking. :c