Our friend Rama

I just watched the twitch video from this past Thursday.

Is it just me or is Rama like the Bob Ross of the Unreal Engine?

Keep up the good work buddy, it’s freaking awesome!

/ Kyle

Rama is nuts. I have no idea where he gets all that free time from!

Rama is the god of C++ :stuck_out_tongue:


Dem doobies.

I always wonder how meetups like this happen. Like, when YouTube people meet and do videos together. The world is huge. Does every internet person conveniently live at the same location? :smiley:

I’ve met quite a few other developers over the years in Europe, Asia and the Middle East - it helps to be willing to travel.

or not being socially awkward, probably… :):frowning:

He might be even more nuts than I was back in my first few years of Unreal Tournament coding…

This is Rama (Look at his shirt. Its VIBGYOR!).


Dont let that beard fool you. That is his C++ source. Its much deeper than it looks and contains more C++ secrets than you can ever imagine. He closes his eyes and runs his fingers through his beard and BAM!..He gets his C++ things. :cool:

Hee hee thanks Kyle!

Hi Ambershee! Great to hear from you!!!

Hee heee! Thanks Fighter!

Oh wow, great to see you here Wormbo! I hope you are having fun with UE4!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]:heart:

Hee hee!

I can freely admit, the beard definitely helps!

Draws in powers of the Universe!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]:heart:


:stuck_out_tongue: Now I know why I’m not a good C++ programmer… I will need a beard ^^

Haha… there is even a beard on his rainbow :rolleyes:

You can even put Rama on your bread in Germany !


I can highly recommend beard, Nature put it there for a reason :slight_smile:

Hee hee!

Oh wow! hee hee!

Agreed! Though, mustache is the priority for me. Then sideburns, and then beard. And if you have all three you get set bonus!

Genius at work, the beard is its strenght, long live Rama!

His tutorials on UDK and UE4 are simply astonishing, and honestly I don’t know how he come up with those weird tutorials, but they’re soooooo helpfull…

Since he personally helped me last year this guys deserve all the best.

Him and Hourences are two of the most talented people I’ve ever seen…

Keep doing what you’re doing guys because its pure gold for all of us :slight_smile:

oh wow a set bonus! Yay!


You’re welcome Nicholas!

I agree, Hourences is awesome!



And I’ll join in saying Rama is awesome :slight_smile:

I also don’t understand where he gets the time from :slight_smile:

Awesome work Rama, I’ve personally been so busy I hardly have time to post. Always good to have a good source of intelligence like you around. Keep it up!

Yes Rama your work is very much appreciated. Thank you for the tutorials.