Our first UEFN game! Fast Feud!

We had a lot of fun making this – a mashup of old two-fort style gameplay with job-sim/tycoon mechanics.

Please check it out if you get a chance: 2057-0506-7371


And here’s our official trailer!

Also this strange thing. It looks like one of the pizza shops in our game is… hiring?


I love this map good job guys.


We’re having a play event for Fast Feud in half an hour, at 2023-07-25T02:00:00Z2023-07-25T03:00:00Z. Come and join to check out the map and cause a little chaos…

We just rolled out our first update to Fast Feud! Thanks to a ton of player feedback, we have a new version with:

  • improved game balance
  • faster promotions
  • infinite ammo
  • better perks
  • improved Oven Overdrive
    …plus a bunch of quality of life upgrades.

We’re celebrating with a play event tonight (7pm PDT / 11pm EDT) - join us if you’d like to check it out!