Our 3D streaming web platform Furioos now supports UE4.21 Pixel Streaming!

Hello to the entire Unreal Engine community
We are very pleased to announce that we have added support for the Pixel Streaming feature (which allows you to get your foot in the Gaming Cloud in a few clicks) to our 3d streaming platform Furioos!

You will find a short video tutorial here:

](Embed your Unreal Engine games on any website! (no GPU required) - YouTube)

In short, Furioos allows you to stream your 3D applications (like your Unreal Engine applications) and share them as easily as a video on Youtube.
We take care of the creation of virtual machines, the storage of your applications, as well as their scalability.
You only have a few clicks to give anyone access to your Unreal Engine applications.
No GPUs are required because the calculation of the 3D application is done in our servers!

It is the ideal platform for the Archviz and Automotive market.
But it’s also a very simple way to make cloud gaming very simple.

Feel free to create an account to test. Furioos is free during its beta test period.
We need feedback to improve the platform, don’t hesitate to stay in touch with us!
Visit www.furioos.com for more information.


The Furioos team