Other than Environment Art, Unreal Engine is useless without programming Knowledge

Don’t get me wrong its an amazing piece of software, but it is absolutely useless in making any real substantial game without programming knowledge. you will always hit a wall. Blueprints will never be enough, and only display a false sense of control. Yeah, I get it, everyone probably already knows this. No 3D artist can ever really hope to make anything substantial without programming, which is just crushing. But I guess that’s game development. Thank you for coming to my rant.

Strongly disagree, I’ve done projects with only Blueprints and many others have as well. Should also be pretty clear that Blueprints are pretty capable with all of the project samples that are available that are built with them.


You can make your game with blueprints. Lots of people have already.

I am a 3d artist and I’ve been developing a game with only blueprints and I think it is substantial. It’s a simple game, but it is a legit game - people don’t know that it is solo developed unless I tell them.

You can make your game and you don’t need to learn c++ - at least not immediately. Stick with it. At the end of every workday I am always in a sour mood and everything seems impossible. But that’s just being brain-tired. Keep at it day after day and you’ll be crushing it before you know it.

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I’m not a programmer. I’m using BP to make a game. There’s nothing I wanted to make that I haven’t been able to accomplish with BP. Admittedly, there has been a modicum of head-scratching and swearing, but I’m getting there. It’s a steep learning curve and you won’t always find tutorials/examples of the stuff you want to make, so some creativity and trial/error are needed.

Well, the other way round is even worse. I have been programming for decades but without being an artist you can more or less just stitch together assets you get from somewhere.
Grabbing a generic FPS Controller works well for most FPS games, it’s fine if hundred games use the same one. But hundred games can’t use the same asset set ;).

If you look at Lyra now you can basically grab the game and almost only do art.