Other physics lib, Nvidia physx are unusable for any gameplay element other than effects

Is not new the people request for better physics since the release of UE4 and that was 3 years ago.

The new version of UE4.14 feature the new Nvidia Physx 3.4 what is giving even more problems and is even more unstable, the normal physics are broken, the vehicles physics are broken and the Substepping sometimes work others no.

The Nvidia lib calcs are terrible bad for any use in games other than for particles or visual effects, can’t even make a proper pile of boxes one over other like 2004 games…
All the games made for jams with physics have problems with physics even if is a ball, give problems of bounce etc.

**Please bring us other physics lib, as Bullet physics lib **or other what is way more stable with gameplay elements than this…

This is the new 4.14 powered by Nvidia Physx 3.4:

And this was the old versions physics: (Featuring all the problems + the ones you see in the top in 4.14 too)

As secondary note not related at all with the physics lib, the default replication of physics here are a bit bad.

I have seen what is in video #2 a couple of times and wondered what happened. Nothing as extreme as #1 or #3, though. Still this explains why I felt the car got worse…

I’m for this.
Simulated Bones are jiggly, stretch to the infinity or simply don’T work as intended.

Physics-based puzzled (like a big scale where the player has to balance things) is not possible, because the physics are unreliable.

Disappointing! But its occurred to me that Space & Flight games are doing a lot better.
So maybe we should just start by adding thrusters to a car mesh? (only half kidding) :rolleyes:

I am planing to work my Bullet-Integration into a plugin for you guys, if there is any interest. It won’t have full physx-like expansion though. Especially multi-body will be heavy, as I don’t have worked on that yet either. However, simple convex and primitive body collision / simulation already work.

That stuff works fine as is. Perhaps it would be better to invest more time into proper Bullet integration for vehicles and ragdolls that for just simple rigid bodies.

Well, in our project it is a vehicle, but just no simulation (more arcade)

We noticed totally different kind of result when we swapped from Bullet to PhysX in game that I recently worked. Much better performance and stabler physics. If there is something wrong in physX in UE4 I guess it can be fixed by simply fine tuning parameters inside engine integration.
There is also tool where you can compare results of different physics engines. You can find it here. Coder Corner » Archivio Blog » PEEL - public release 1.0

I integrated bullet physics fully. But Bullet’s and Unreal GC system collides. I created some kind of wrapper for that but still you have to hardcode a lot of things. Not easy as phsyx.

but still i have bullet softbodies (flex still not usable) :slight_smile: which is nice for me :slight_smile:

If somebody interested that i can share my wrapper.

ive been looking into integrating bullet physics but dont really know where to start
would you be able to share your wrapper please?
i guess a lot of people would be interested in the vehicles and the softbody

Was the source for this code released? I’m interested in how you integrated your racer with Bullet, for a non-UE4 project to get a mental picture of how it’s done and help save time. Thanks.

To totally replace the physics library with another in established engine like UE4 is almost unheard of, unless there are very solid reasons to do so. I think Physx integration in UE4 is very involved and deep in lots of files. But maybe the more reasonable is to ask for restructuring of UE4 physics library so that they are more abstracted, making them easily replaceable by modifying one or two files…

my heart leapt when i saw this thread had some movement, my hope was that someone gave the solution.
having been working with Unity recently, which uses the same Physx library, the fundamental and game stopping flaws are indeed in PhysX itself and not UE4.

i havnt tried to integrate Bullet physics with UE4 but some people have done and report vast improvements over Physx in all kinds of key areas.

here is a very brief ‘how to’

i did find a post on another forum where someone gave out a partly working solution but cant find it again sorry

i have uploaded the source from that illusive post here
it is not the full bullet library, i have not tried it, i know nothing about it
just sharing it for others