Other IDEs for UE4 projects - Visual Studio alternatives


I know this topic was touched a long ago and VS is the best IDE for UE4 projects, but it would be good not to be dependent on Microsoft solutions only and have any alternatives. Is there a possibility to compile code on the Engine Editor side, not in VS? It’s just like in Unity 3D where you can use the IDE/editor you want to write Unity scripts. And what to do to compile C++ on Linux?

Because there are no posts I write again to show you CodeLite to compile C++ code for UE4 on Linux:

You can check the thread:

CodeLite Source Code Access and Project File Generator for Unreal Engine 4 - Engine Source & GitHub - Unreal Engine Forums

Hopefully the great work will be continued and we will have mo problems with running UE4 projects on Linux.

Thank you!

Xcode on a mac

Thank you, but I have no Mac. I have learned today Visual Studio is hardcoded in UE4 on Windows. This lack of flexibility is bad and I think Epic Team should do something with that. I made my projects with Notepad++ on Unity 3D.

You can use CodeLite on GNU/Linux Mac and Windows. For Windows users there is a small fix patch

The hard coded part is for automatically opening projects. I even made a patch that supports multiple ide on every platform. That means you can choose which ide you want to use.

@Epic Team Can you please take at least the bugfixes from that PR above? There are issues on the Windows platform in showing the project folders.

Good work! I dream of using UE4 on Linux without problems.

Epic team, please see us, Linux users.

You can use any text editor, then save your file and compile through Unreal Engine.

There’s instructions (and a plugin) for using Jetbrain’s CLion here

Not sure if that’s still the latest info though. I did get it working at the time using the CLion demo version, but I’ve just stuck with VS in the long run.

Edit, just saw most of the thread is 2 years old… but anyway, maybe the info is useful still