OSX symlinks doesn't work in Plugins directory

Working on a custom plugin, the symlink "PROJ/Plugins/MYPLUGIN" (with MYPLUGIN pointing to the plugin’s source code) is correctly managed by UBT (that successfully builds the plugin) but is not properly managed by the editor, that doesn’t list the plugin in the “Plugins manager”. Substituting the symlink with a raw copy of the plugin’s directory, let the editor “discover” the plugin.

Tested on Mac OS Sierra v10.12.3.

Hi ,

Sorry for the delayed response. Were you actually able to use the plugin at all while utilizing the symlink? When I tried to reproduce this issue, not only did the plugin not appear in the Plugins window, but none of its functionality was available either.

Hi , I confirm that the plugin doesn’t load at all. UBT compiles it, but then it “completely disappear” when I’m inside the editor (it’s not listed and don’t loads).

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Thank you for the confirmation. I entered UE-43704 to report my observations with this and have it investigated further.

Same on Linux.

See 2015 v4.8: Symbolic link to plugin folder doesn't work - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums