OSX Rename folder in Content Browser fails (with work around)

On OSX, when creating a new folder in the Content Brwoser tab, the input selection immediately disables. Then, when choosing “Rename” on the new folder, the name becomes editable but instantly disables.


  1. Open the Content Browser tab
  2. Right click on an empty space in the Content Browser window and chose “+Create Folder”

RESULT: A new folder is created but is unable to be renamed from the default “NewFolder” name


  1. Right click on the newly created folder and select “+Rename”

RESULT: Folder item flashes as if it is editable for about 1/2 a second but disables input. Ultimately, Making the folder name unable to be changed in this view.

Work Around: * ONLY IF the newly created folder is within a sub folder to the main “Content” folder, can you change the name by navigating to the parent folder of the newly created folder (“NewFolder”) and right clicking on the icon representing the folder. HOWEVER, if the newly created folder is at the top level (just under the “Content” folder, there is no icon view available and thus the newly created folder can NOT be renamed. *

Similarly this occurs in the World Outliner.

Just posted in your original question, as a comment, but in case anyone seeing here first:

Not sure why, but on my system the workaround you mentioned isn’t required, but I do have to be doing the rename in the right hand pane of the content browser, rather than the left hand pane. There (the one with the filters drop down), the right click menu option to rename seems to work fine. Also F2 (via fn-F2 on my mac keyboard, or just F2 on windows kb) works as a keyboard shortcut, apparently a port-over from windows (I’m also on mac OSX as my main machine for systems like Unreal/Maya/etc).

Also in the outliner, right clicking (then edit>rename) likewise doesn’t work (just flashes). But there also, the F2 (fn-F2) windows way does work there as shortcut, instead. And also another option, double-left-clicking the text portion of an asset/actor/object there in the outliner does work too, to activate the renaming text-entry thing (vs. how you would expect it to open the actor/object’s editor window/pane, the way it does in the content browser).

Another note though, in case this helps sort out for you (and any other of our fellow users), and also hopefully the devs for fixing this:

Some things seem to be taking awhile to load or kick in or something (?) as I’m going through the tutorial I’m doing anyway. For instance particularly, in the content browser, as I was working with it on my Mac, selecting an item in the left pane of that content browser section would not change what the right pane showed. This happened and was consistent for like an hour or so, while I was going through some tutorials that related to navigating through what is in there as starter content, etc. To change what was in the right pane, I had to also click over there via the path at the top, or double click folders, the back button, etc. to navigate separately from the left pane’s current selection, to match it up to what it was over there, manually.

Then suddenly it was actually working, like it had the first time I had checked out a tutorial and used that pane, on a previous day. And what was going on between left and right pane did connect.

(“another note” cont’d…)

Actually I just noticed, while switching over from this browser window (in Chrome) over to Unreal Editor to doublecheck what was happening where, there seems to be some kind of event handler problem when you switch focus from another program (Chrome) back into Unreal – because it just did it againnot connecting between the two panes of the content browser. But that only occurs for the first click into a different folder in the directory tree on that left pane (even though it does highlight that item there on the left, it just doesn’t change the right pane at all). Then on the next click, on a different item, suddenly it responds.

This latter phenomenon repeats every time I switch between another program (focus elsewhere than on Unreal) and back to the Unreal Editor – a temporary thing but happens over and over when I’m using any other program at the same time – even a text editor like TextEdit. Versus the previous hour or so (not sure of exact time on that) where it was just persistent until suddenly it wasn’t, for no apparent reason, and suddenly everything worked between the two panes’ connection.

So whatever’s going on, for the Mac version anyway, they clearly need to fix something with the communication to and from, and apparently within (for the right click menu, and the rename function activated via that), that left pane of the content browser.

Hi NinaSzeven,

Thank you for submitting a bug report. I have reproduced this issue and logged a report for it here UE-30134. You can track the report’s status as the issue is reviewed by our development staff. Please be aware that this issue may not be prioritized or fixed soon.

Steve H.