OSX Recommended Specs Doc needs updating

UE4 states that the minimum specs for the current launcher for UE 4.12 is OSX 10.9.2. This is wrong.
On updating my launcher today within OSX 10.9.5, it stated I required OSX 10.10.X and would not launch. Thankfully, I still had a copy of my old launcher so that I could still use an older version of UE4 to finish my work until I upgrade to OSX 10.10.X

Therefore, the following minimum requirements for OSX needs to be updated from OSX 10.9.2 to OSX 10.10.0

Unreal Editor also requires a GPU that is faster than anything available in any current Mac.

The GPU must support Open GL 4.1. Here’s a comprehensive list from Apple:

Hi Haskellf,

I have entered the following request to update the documentation: UEDOC-3187. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. In the meantime, here are the requirements to run the current version of the Launcher:

Mac Min Specs:

  • OS 10.10.5
  • Xcode 7.2.1

Mac Recommended Specs:

  • OS 10.11.6
  • Xcode 7.3.1


That is a “true” statement, but it’s not a “useful” statement. Specifically, Apple sells no system with a GPU that’s good enough to meet even the minimum bar of a VR application – much less something that’s capable of editing a typical Unreal Engine 3D scene (such as the demos) with any kind of response time.

The question on this post is about the minimum and recommended specs being out of date for the documentation page for Macs. Your statement: “Unreal Editor also requires a GPU that is faster than anything available in any current Mac” is false and misleading to other users who may want to know if you can develop games with UE4 on a Mac.

Hence, the link I’ve provided is indeed useful to anyone interested in what Mac GPU’s can run the editor. At the time we were not discussing VR development and as for typical Unreal 3D scenes, I run them on a Macbook Pro on a daily basis with only the most demanding ones (like Kite Demo) showing any lag at all.