OSX Packaging Issues Continued

So for the early samples available with UE4 the workaround for running packaged OSX samples was to use -pak, e.g.

open -a UE4Game-Mac-Shipping.app --args ../../../RealisticRendering/RealisticRendering.uproject -pak

However this doesn’t seem to work with the new packaged samples ‘Card’ and ‘Reflections’.
Basically you end up getting:

Failed to open descriptor file '../../../Card/Card.uproject'


Trick is to not use -a, assuming you are in folder containing the .app:

open UE4Game-Mac-Shipping.app --args …/…/…/Card/Card.uproject -pak

Thanks Corey!

This is currently a known issue that has already been entered in our database. The workaround is very much appreciated though.

-Max B.