OSX Crashes adding or viewing textures in Material Editor

Seems 100% for me, Make a new material add a Texture Sample node and assign a texture.

OR load an existing material with already has a texture hooked up, wait for the preview to render and crash

Also happens changing the preview type (sphere, cube plane etc.)

The Sample node does not even have to be connected to the Material block

I’ve sent 7-10 crash dumps

This is on OSX 10.11.4

If I enable Metal in the editor it beachballs rather than hanging but after waiting for 4-5 mins I force quit the editor

Hi Anadin -

Can you post your Machine ID and let us know what Public Beta you are using for 10.11.4?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric, sorry should have added them before

OSX 10.11.4 Beta (15E56a)

Good News - Preview 7 seems have fixed this (or OSX 10.11.4b6) one of the other :slight_smile: