OSX Beta - Editor not displaying / Metal support


On the just released OSX beta I can’t get the 4.8 alpha to show the editor display. Is this a known issue?

Also does this version of the engine support Metal?


I had the same issue when started clear project. But opening of existing project works ok. [OSX El Capitan + UE4.7]

I don’t know, is this already Metal or not, but looks like UE works faster on my macbook now

I believe the only Metal support is in iOS 8

the current UE version doesn’t support Metal on “El Capitan”

How do we get the editor to load? I have El Capitan beta 4, and when I attempt to load the editor no UI appears. I don’t have an existing project to open as I am just getting started with Unreal. Any solution or must I wait for an update?

This thread was posted a month ago and apparently there’s still no fix…

Running a beta version of an OS is going to be risky because there’s no guarantee that software will work during that time, you may have to wait until the beta is finished and Epic can get add official support for the final release.

This issue is planned to be resolved with the official release of El Capitan. See the answer on this AnswerHub post:

Thanks for the information, I suppose I didn’t look hard enough. I will revert back to Yosemite.

Now that OSX El Capitan has gone final it would be great to know when full Metal support will be released. Using UE4 on OSX is still a drag, really looking forward to the performance improvements that have been discussed at WWDC.

I agree with you. UE performance on a Mac using Metal instead of OpenGL define if I’ll buy another MacBook Pro or a PC.


Wanted to add a request for an updated status regarding retina support of the editor UI to this thread to avoid plain bumping :slight_smile: