OSX and Visual Studio

Hi guys,
Can I using Visual Studio with Unreal Engine 4 on OSX? I use “Parallels Desktop” for virtualize Windows. I want to use UE4 on OSX and Visual Studio on virtual machine, is it possible? In Unity3D, there was a plugin for do it - I can’t find any information about something similar in UE4.

Thank you very much in advance.

Hello Lucas, I am having the exact same problem. Unreal doesn’t support parallels and vice versa it would seem.Editor crash on launch - Mobile - Epic Developer Community Forums

What are you trying to achieve? Build binaries for OSX using Visual Studio? Or build and run within the Windows VM? I don’t know if there’s a way to do the former. And for the latter, remember that Parallels (or actually any VM I know of) only supports DirectX9.

Why don’t you just try XCode? Or maybe AppCode by IntelliJ?

did y’all ever figured out how to get ue4 working with Visual studio

Maybe try new Visual Studio Code introduced in UE 4.18