[OSSnull] How to create queue system without OSS or my own


Okay, my title can make you a little bit confused. What i wanted to ask is “What do i need to do if i want to not use Steam for some personals reasons and make a queue system ?”.
I know there is something like creating my own but i don’t know what is needed in an OSS.
Is there any docs for that ?
I’m french so my english can be a little poor. But i understand things which are writted.
So for now, i set in the ini file Oss as null.
I can create sessions and find sessions on LAN but why i need so many steps like building engine, etc… (which not work for me) as i can see on some docs for creating a “*Server.exe” ?
Is there a way to simply do these things :

  • Connect guys at the start of the game to a server with username and password
  • Create Queue system (like actuals games) with a type of queue (like Matchmaking, Deathmatch, FreeForAll, …)
  • Invite friends (in my database) to play with him

My game is just a face to face game.

As you expect, i don’t want you to do all the things for me, obviously. But if someone can show me the right way to do that. I’ll be so excited to start to create my game.
For now i follow the tutorial :…KsRg6fpxWndZqZ
It’s help me understand basic things about multiplayer but, it’s about Steam. And the servers are run on client computers. What i want is to create a Game Instance on a server somewhere and all clients connect to it and can be managed.
All my project is 100% Blueprint but i don’t care if it’s needed to put c++ files. But if it’s possible in Blueprint, i’ll be more excited. If c++ files is required i’ll create nodes in a librairy to use it in blueprint.

Thanks to read me and to help me.
Best regards,