Oscillating platform?

Greetings! i would like to ask how could i make an oscillating platform in which the collider oscillates in real time in play mode, so that i can drive with my car in the oscillating terrain, can i do it somehow with blueprints or would it require c++?

Thank you.


If I am understanding you correctly BP will work np. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a Bp tutorial for an oscillating fan but can’t find it atm. You would take the Bp for that and apply it to your needs.

Thank you, yes i might need to clarify that by oscillating i mean as waves and ripples. (non native English speaker) ill look up any blueprints now then, maybe i can come up with something with just the oscillating fan tutorial if i manage to find it :slight_smile:

[edit] i dont have money (yet) to buy one ocean pack from marketplace but that might do what im aiming for with its buoyancy means