Oscillating Components

Hi there - I’m pretty new to Blueprints, and I’m having a bit of a problem with rotation/oscillating. Basically, I have a light fitting that has 2 moving parts - an arm and the light. The arm rotates around the Z axis, and the light rotates around the X axis. As the light is attached to the arm, it obviously also moves when the arm moves. I can make the arm and light rotate to a specific angle (I would like to control the speed of that, but for now it’s fine - I figure it will be the same solution as the oscillation).

I can seem to crack how to construct the Blueprint to make this work. I’ve tried a bunch of different combinations, and get mixed results. I can get it to move back and forth, but I can’t manage to control the speed at which it moves.

These are my class defaults I’m trying to incorporate:

And this is the blueprint I have that makes the arm oscillate - it’s the same for the light, except I use the X axis instead.

Here’s a good look at this light in action for real:

Any help would be great!

From what you’re presenting here, it seems you might be more interested in making a skelatal mesh, but that’s not really my area. However BP animations is! So…

I made this ( awful camera ):

It’s almost impossible to load a GIF because of size restrictions, answerhub is a better resouce :wink:

What I’m trying to emphasize is that the camera is moving independently of the arm.

The BP:

Don’t worry about whether your rotating in X or Z or whatever, that really depends on how the meshes got loaded into the BP. The timeline internals:

So, it’s just a separate TL for the arm and the cam, and to change the speed, you can just use the SetPlayRate on the TL.

Thank you for the reply - I’m not sure, maybe I wasn’t super clear. I’m not seeing how this works - they’re triggered at the same time (fine, they don’t need to be) and I’m not seeing how to change the angle and time of rotation from this. I built it and it doesn’t really seem to do what I’m attempting

The angles are the numbers in the lerps and like I say, the speed can be set using the SetPlayRate on the timelines.