OSC question

Hey everybody

I am using Spout/OSC to connect Unreal into the VJ Software Resolume and I have a question:

Binding events to addresses works great, it’s connected to the Event Tick and listening for a variable change.

My problem is that I want to be able to force-read a variable, without it being changed.
I found on the Resolume page an explanation about Polling, which goes like this:

How do I translate that into Blueprints in Unreal?

Here is how I currently bind the events for OSC (which is just how it’s shown in the manual with a slight change/grouping)

Thanks in advance


Hi :slight_smile:

Your binding sounds a little dodgy. If you have bound to something in OSC, you don’t need it on tick. The whole point is OSC will call the event you bound when a variable changes, you don’t have to watch for it.

As for sending stuff to OSC, I guess you need to use the right node. What other nodes do you have?

Hi :slight_smile:

I tried to connect the sequence with all the bindings to the Event Begin Play but it doesn’t work then and I get a series of errors.

And about the sending, I tried using this BP but also no luck:

Try having a delay before you bind, that might do it.

As for the message sending, hmm, not very user-friendly eh? Are there any docs? Is this what it says to do?..

Yeah the sending event I picked up from the manual: OSC Plugin Overview | Unreal Engine Documentation
but it doesn’t work, I don’t mind the amount of nodes…not sure why it’s not doing what Resolume says it should do.

I’m trying to force read on the OSC parameters, but their instructions don’t translate.

You were right about the delay ! that solved it :slight_smile: thanks !!! 0.2 did the trick

At least that’s one part sorted :slight_smile: sorry I can’t say much more, you need to stumble across someone who’s got this working…

got it to work! just had to remove the " " from the string - thanks for all the help !:slight_smile:

Haha! :cool: