OSC Plugin Overview Node Graphs Should be Updated to Handle Disconnect Errors

A common issue with OSC servers in unreal appears to be them randomly disconnecting / becoming invalid. I’ve yet to determine exactly what’s causing this, or even what’s really happening, but the result is that events stop being triggered by server events that are definitely being sent.

The node graphs you can copy here: OSC Plugin Overview for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation are great resources, but they’d be even better with a simple small update to ensure the servers continue to receive: after Create OSCServer is invoked, instead of passing the return value (the oscserver instance) directly to a Bind Event function, instead, save it as a local variable. I’m not sure if that can be copied as a node graph, because you need to create the variable first, but I’m only just learning Unreal so perhaps it’s possible.

See the final answer to this question to see what I mean: Unreal Engine 4.25 OSC Plugin Disconnecting - Plugins - Epic Developer Community Forums

Or at the very least the docs maybe could be updated to point out this pitfall? Anyway cheers for them they are very useful.