OSC Blueprint Bundles

Has anyone been able to get receiving OSC bundles to work in Blueprints? The bundle is being sent correctly and UE4 is definitely receiving it since it triggers the event that’s bound to the ‘Bind Event to On OSC Bundle Received’ node. Using ‘Get Messages from Bundle’ gives a message array of 0 size though.

Sending bundles from UE4 and sending/receiving standalone messages works just fine.

I can’t even find any of the new OSC blue print functions in 4.23. Can you let me know how you setup your project to get access to them? Happy to help you debug your problem once I can access the new OSC functionality.

I have the same problem - I have found (and enabled) the OSC plugin in the plugins area of the game engine but I can’t see any of the OSC functions when I call up a level Blueprint. Is there something I’m missing?

I’m on Unreal 4.23 + Mac - I have now looked inside the OSC plugin wrapper (C++) and it looks as though this OSC plugin will only work for Win64 and Win32 machines at the moment - I can see that both are ‘whitelisted’ in the plugin but Mac is not - I think, as this is a beta feature currently, it’s probably only been implemented for Windows at the moment.

I have been able to get OSC working, but have the same issue with OSC Bundles. I get an event when they are received, but the message array is empty. Maybe not implemented yet?

@LnBAnimation - Can you describe how to get basic OSC recieving working (without bundles) ?

just added a post with basic osc receiving

Future-people, this is that post:

Hah, yes thanks Arthur with the mad forum skillz. :slight_smile: