OS X sometimes sticks modifier keys in editor

Sometimes in the editor, it seems a modifier key (seems like ctrl) gets stuck in the “on” position in the editor. When I select things in the Scene Outliner it will always do a multi-select and in the render window I cannot move the camera with the right or left mouse button. The scroll button still works however.

The only way this is resolved is if I close out the editor and restart it.

Is anyone else on the OS X platform getting this type of behavior?

Hey afuzzzyllamma -

We have seen this from time to time. What works for me to clear this is either hold down all 4 modifier keys, or to cmd+tab to another program then back.

Any idea on the cause?

No idea what’s causing this. It’s been bothering me for quite some time, but to me it happens so rarely, it was impossible to actually debug. If you know how to reproduce this, please let me know. Many thanks!

I have some ideas… I’ll test a few theories and get back to you.