OS X or Windows for UE 4.10?

A quick question, i have a macbook pro retina 2015 with intel iris 6100 2.7ghz dual core and an iMac late 2012 with nvidia geforce 640m 2.7ghz quad core. I was wondering will ue 4 run better on windows then mac os due to direct x support or other advantages? Currently, my macbook pro can run Xcode and everything fine, but ue is a bit sluggish and the font and text you can see the pixels. Im going to try it out on my iMac on mac os, installing as we speak so i hope for the best, however, would it be best that i install it on windows instead for better performance? Im not much of a fan of windows 10 or 8 but i do like visual studios as well as Xcode.
Also, is there any advantage of using windows, and is metal for iOS and OS X useable if i run ue on windows

I don’t know if it’s changed, but you might get better performance running Windows with bootcamp than running under OSX. As far as the Intel Iris 6100 vs. the Geforce 640M, I’m not sure how those compare, I’m leaning more towards the Geforce.

For those who want know know the difference for ue 4.10.1 on mac os vs windows 10:

To begin with, the only significant difference for the windows version of UE and mac os version of UE is the text UI. On Windows it seems like the UI works perfectly fine for my 2k display while the mac os version is stuck at 1080 or maybe less. The mac os version of UE seems like it has been upscaled to fit my resolution and hence leading to the fuzzy/blurry text. Also as seen in the pictures, the mac version seems to have less space to work with

while on windows you have more work space c49802cc63946e91c47d0e1d5f32cc80c8a87784.jpeg (Notice how the text on windows is smaller and there more room in a similar space compared to mac os. Also, not sure if its clear but the text on the mac is fuzzy but its hard to see that in the pics). Other then that difference, the performance were the same or to insignificant to consider the difference.

However, when it came to setting up UE with Visual Studios it was the only hassle. It was quite easier on the mac to instal Xcode from app store and UE from the launcher. I did not have to worry about anything else. Setting up on windows was a slight hassle because even after installing visual studio default installation i had to go back and instal more things, then i encountered a few error and went on too google about it. This process took some time but simple googling fixed the problem.

Some solution to the mac problems:

  • Use a secondary display thats 1080 resolution. I currently use thunderbolt to connect my iMac to my macbook pro retina and then use UE on the iMac and Xcode on my macbook. As a result the blurry text is not too much of a bother and it runs perfectly fine. You also get more room to work with considering 21.5 inch vs 13 inch display.

  • If you go into your mac syspref and click display. Click the resolution drop down menu and choose scaled. Here you have an option in changing the resolution making your GUI on the screen smaller or bigger to fit less or more items on your screen. This fixes the problems you may have with UE in terms of the UI.

I hope this helped!

well you saved me from sending alot of money buying anew Apple pc , thanx bro

No problem, happy to help!
However, while mobile development is fine, I doubt my mac could handle desktop class games. It would work but it would get really hot and games wont run at 30 fps. If you don’t wanna buy a new mac I recommend a eGPU (bizon box) you can get a graphics card and the box for a pretty good price. The box cost $500 and you cant some high end nvidea gpu to help you run UE better on your mac. While it isn’t portable its something you can use at home or at work to give you a huge performance boost. I think you can get a high end GPU and a 13 inch MacBook for a cheaper price then the 15 inch amd mac. Its well worth it, however portability is something you wont be able to do.

However, its even cheaper just making your own :-p