OS Compatibility Question

I’m a bit confused, please assist.

Most of the items in the marketplace are labeled Windows compatible. When I try to purchase I get warning (I’m an OS X user). I purchase anyway and can use just fine.

  1. Why are assets not compatible across all platforms/OSs?
  2. Why don’t my purchases show up in Launcher (I have to search the marketplace and ‘Add to Project’ from there)?

Thank you.

For question 1… most marketplace creators simply don’t have access to a OSX computer, and so they don’t mark them as compatible because there are some differences in using UE4 under windows when compared with OSX. One example is the shader model - until recently, OSX could not use shader model 5.0, which meant a heap of material features simply didn’t work, or didn’t work as intended, on macs. In practice, most packs that aren’t plugins likely WILL work fine on mac, but because it’s very hard to tell without testing, most sellers don’t want to risk upset customers (which is fair enough).

Question 2… that’s odd. I guess the launcher only shows content that is compatible with your current OS? Never heard of that =/

They have shown up now :slight_smile:

Thank you for your quick response. Awesome to hear!
***I’ll gladly test things out if anyone is interested.

I have a mac tester personally… but I think there are definitely plenty of sellers that would take you up on that if they saw it. Though shrugs I could be wrong haha