Ortographic Camera with depth

I just started developing a Side Scroller game and I’d like to know if it’s possible to have an ortographic camera with depth (or a perspective camera that works in a same way that an ortographic camera), something like this game (The Swapper):

I don’t know how they made to put elements at the background simulating depth. What kind of technique or camera perspective was used in this game? Is it really an ortographic camera?

The problem that I’m facing is that when the player jumps or go to an elevated area, he can see a lot of the scenario at the background and I’d like to avoid that. I tested and saw that the ortographic camera allow me to focus on the player character (it seems to be following the player in a perpendicular way) and avoid showing too much of the background, but it doesn’t give me depth which doesn’t allow me to have a more detailed scenario.

Do you guys know how can I accomplish that?

Thank you!

That is a Unity game using template game code which you can find tutorials on the net…
It’s not an ortographic camera, it’s just a side scroller camera in a 3d world.
In Unreal all you have to do is move character’s camera in blueprint and have it attached to a spring with min/max resistences adjusted to your liking…

Okay, so if I understood well, I need to add an Spring Arm component and parent the Camera component to it. What do you mean by “with min/max resistences adjusted”?

Could you explain more about it or show me a tutorial that I can follow?

Set spring stiffness to a tolerance value you find good enough to give the feeling that the camera is following the player, but not completely attached to it…
Spring component’s properties are very self explanatory.

Sorry for being abusing of your kindness but is it possible to give me an example or a step-by-step of what do I need to do (if possible with images)? Because I’m really new to the engine, so I didn’t understand what I need to do and I didn’t find the Spring Stiffness property.

Thank you!

I think that I just figured out a way: 1. I put back the Projection Mode to Perspective; 2. I changed the value of the property Field of View (the default is 90), and I put something low like 10-30; 3. The problem with that if that the camera was focusing too much in a small area of the screen. To correct that I increased the Target Arm length of the Spring Arm to something around 3000.

This way, when I jump or go to an elevated area I’m not seeing so much of the background, I can “feel” the depth and it’s not excessive anymore. I’m going to keep trying new values until find the right camera position/effect that I’m looking for.

Field of View: 90; Target Arm Length: 1000

Field of View: 30; Target Arm Length: 3000:

In the second image, I’m not seeing too much of the background, I’m still trying new values. I’d like to keep the camera fixed in a point, when the player jumps, is it possible to do that?

Also, is there any downside in using this approach that I’m currently using?

Thank you for your help!

Put the lag variable on the spring arm component to 0 to make it fixed on the character :slight_smile: