orthophoto projection bug

I found a bug in te orthophoto generation dialog.

I created the orthophoto using an UTM projection (epsg 32632)

Problem is the center coordinates are indicated still as latitude longitude.

The generated orthophoto results in an hybrid coordinate system.

If i select the same projection another time the center coordinates is displayed correctly, and the generated orthophoto has the right informations and projection.

If you need further informations please let me know.


Hi Massimo,

can you identify a specific order in which to select or unselect things?

I noticed in a different case that it won’t work properly when you select anything in between, meaning that in your case the orthophoto might have to be the last thing you clicked on before exporting. Another possibility would be that you have to re-set the proper coordinate system by selecting a different one in between just before export. This behavior has also been reported for something I cannot remember, but it might even have been coordinate system related as well. That would still be a bug and the workaround a bit tedious but at least you could get predictable results…

Hello Massimo,

please excuse our late response.

I was not able to reproduce this behaviour, is it possible to specify the sequence of steps like Götz mentioned? We need to be able to reproduce the problem to find out the cause. Thank you very much

Sorry for the late reply.

I had the oppotunity to test again.

This is what I do:

1 - import GCP, set the relevant EPSG code (32632 or 3003 usually)

2 - register, create 3d model and orthophoto

3 - When I export the model it’s in local coordinates

4 - When I generate the orthophoto I set the same coordinate system. Usually it defalts to EPSG 4236

4a -> if I set my EPSG the first time the coordinates are still latitude longitude.

4b -> if I select it a second time the coordinates shown are correct

-> if I need to modify the resolution, the area of interest, or anything else I cannot come back to the correct reference frame

I attach some screenshots.

The procedure is repeatable. Sometimes the region box is above or below the model, and in this case I cannot find a workaround.

In case I’m at your disposal for a remote session.

Thanks for your time,