Orthographic camera render black when launch on html5

I am working on a project where i absolutly need an orthograpic view on my camera. In play mode, no problem. but when i use “Launch” to see my project in a web browser, i only have black in the game window. I use spacebar to switch between ortho and persp, the result is : when i launch with ortho as default, the screen is black > i switch to perp, i have what the game is supposed to look like in persp > i switch back to ortho, the last frame in persp remain on screen, ( the game still response and i can do something but without seeing anything )

I’ve tryed to launch on Chrome Edge and firefox ( firefox seems to create a new temporary camview on the launch and then just like explained above )
i’ve tryed with my camera directly in the scene or in a character bp.
Same with the package version

Anyone have a solution ?