Orthographic camera broken on 4.10?

Hey everyone,

I try to do a simple 2D isometric game with UE 4.10, and I create a pawn with an orthographic camera.

The camera preview is good but the render when I simulate in viewport or when I launch the game is not good.
Have I to do something specific ?

Here a screenshot:

Thanks a lot

Hello MarcW,

From your description and your screenshot I can provide you with a little more information regarding this issue. An orthographic camera, by design, works with angles that essentially flatten the image that they are viewing.

By trying to force, a seemingly perspective view, on an orthographic camera you are trying to ask the camera to calculate in a way it was never designed to do.

If you would provide more clarification as to what you are trying to use by using the orthographic camera specifically I will try and assist you further.

You could use a perspective camera and this should work as you would intend.