Ornatrix , Hairfarm?

Im looking into investing into one of these hair solutions. Does anyone have knowledge on these 2 products ? DO they work with ue4?

Hmmmmm… tried the hair from 3ds and converted it to a mesh. It seems to hang at. The importing stage at 100%. I dropped the hair count and it still hangd

The hair systems like that are not usable in a game engine if that’s what you’re going for. Epic has an example of how they did the hair for Paragon.

If you’re looking for hair solutions in general, Ornatrix is definitely the best.

actually not for games, just rendering in general. But yeah… tried the ornatrix demo and its pretty good and the imports work to ue4

If you are looking at making hair for characters check out the Blender Hair Tool Addon - Hair Tool for Blender