Ornaments/Engraving in tileable Textures

You need to split your mesh up in manegeble chunks. You should never have to use an 8k texture for anything. Break the model into smaller parts and give them their own tiling texture, or use several smaller textures that are tiled to add surfice details.

But as suggested its good to show what your are trying to achive and where you are in that process.

hello everyone,

i need help with my textures, the problem is i have a very big platform and so i need to tile my texture in 32x32 but i need also an second texture for things like ornaments or borders and the problem is that even a 8192x8192 pixels large texture isnt large enough and the second thing is that when i would make it like this then i have only black lines because i cant attach it to the (in this case) stone texture like in photoshop with the negative multiplier or something like that. so i hope someone can help me.

8192x8192 is a very big texture, i’m sure you could do whatever you’re trying to do using tiling textures. Could you post a picture of what are you trying to achieve ? it’is not very clear right now