Orion Mars Sci Fi Med Lab

I have just submitted my next environmental assets for the marketplace. Wanted to get some feedback and comments about what price I should charge? I was planning $150 dollars, is this too much?

Hey Jeff!

This looks fantastic…really, really…FANTASTIC!! I will snatch this up once it gets posted to the Marketplace!

As far as price, I am sure there will be some that say that $150 is a bit (or WAY to) much…but then if you offered it for $75, you would probably get the same reaction!
So really it’s a matter of…

  • How many assets there are
  • How long did it take you to make it VS how many sales you want (time is money, but if you don’t get many buyers…well…and of course if you are not looking to get “rich”)
  • How many people would need this for their project/s (BUT this will fit nicely in quite a few genres! {MINE INCLUDED})
  • Also you could do a 50% off for the first week or two to get more people to give it a “shot” (although me having purchased your other GREAT asset packs…it works either way for me…sale or not…instant buy for me in other words!)

Hope that helps!

BTW…I was really tired when I first read the title of this post, I thought to myself “what did all of those Mars rovers get together and make a Meth Lab”…LOL!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway keep up with making GREAT content for ALL of us!


Thanks, I appreciate the feedback and sorry for the late response didn’t see it till now. I have released it and it’s selling alright at a 150.
Thanks again for the response.