Original Mario (NES) inside UE4

Hello Everyone!

This was a project I was working on for a while and although it’s incomplete, I feel like I had a good start on what could be a playable recreation of the original game inside the engine.
I wanted to try and recreate the mechanics as close as I could and I did alright. The movement still isn’t perfect and theres PLENTY of bugs but this is still pretty neat.
I know there’s already several of these remakes out there, just wanted to throw mine in the mix.

A couple notable issues -

  • COLLISION- I am getting better at understanding how the collision works but it’s probably one of the bigger problems. Things don’t always connect properly, sometimes the turtle shell pauses before it bounces off the wall,entering and exiting tubes causes the sprite position to move in an unsmooth way, etc.
  • LIGHTING- There’s lighting and there shouldn’t be. I am pretty sure I did that part completely wrong.
  • MOVEMENT- Getting the run speed and jumping to work identical to the original is tricky. I got it somewhat close but that could still be better.
  • FLAGPOLE- The animation for this works about 25% of the time. If I hit the pole at the very top it never seems to add up but with a little bit more digging I could smooth this out.

I am unsure if I will ever finish this as I was just doing it for fun and after about 80 hours I lost the desire to make it playable and have since moved on to other projects.

Thanks for taking a look!
Hope UE4 gets more 2d love.

Hey it looks like it’s coming along nicely! I’m on my journey to get some 2D platforming the right way in UE4. It would be nice to exchange some tips and tricks for 2D stuff in here. I have been struggling with proper sprite collision checks lately. I’m doing all of the movement and collision checks by hand, querying the 3D entity space with functions like GetOverlappingActors and the like. It works fine but now that I want to have two different collision shapes, one for world collision and one for enemy bullets hitbox, things are getting harder :slight_smile: