Origin Rebasing in UE5?

We are making a Listen Server world. I saw the large terrains in the video, Are there easier setup for world origin rebasing now?


Just about to ask the same question, I’m hoping that UE5 with the new World Partiton handles all this seemlessly. Fingers crossed.

UE5 will support 64 bit precision. No need for origin rebasing.


But what about the physics going all Super Shaky after 5 kilometers? I wonder how they are going to fix this??

Does UE5 still not support 64 bit precision?

It’s being converted. Chaos support doubles, rest of engine is WIP.

Project Settings - Engine - Networking - Enable Multiplayer World Origin Rebasing :smiley:

LoL Sadly it is not that easy and was broken on Listen Servers in Unreal 4.

Large World Coordinates removes some of the limitations on world size related to the use of single-precision floating point coordinates for absolute positions. Thats all I have found so far.

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64 bit is definitely resolving this. You will need to go much much higher distance before anything shakes.

wrong, same amount of jitter present in ue5 nothing changed, multiplayer stuck on 500m maps

Since you haven’t said otherwise, it’s not part of EA.

I have tested just character movement on a huge map in UE5 and it worked for me.

I don’t know what you tested but same jitter is present like in ue4 when you move away from the 0,0,0 coords, rebasing and replication is a nightmare to implement so its same old ueX for fps multiplayers on large maps

I am not rebasing the character at all. Not needed for long floats. I can tell you Origin Rebasing will NOT work on a Listen Server game at all. We tested it for 3 months and it always gave the poor Host Player issues.

It’s work in progres…
main is already by default using double precision for all relevelant types. Now it is matter of adjusting engine to take advantage of it.

Relax… if you know what 64 bit coordinate is, it will definitely solve the jittery problem for 99.99% of us.

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The 64bit precision fixes this. You can build a level as large as our solar system until you start to see any shaking.