Origin Rebaseing & Overlap events between sphere colliders that get shifter with those that don't.

I have a number of spherical colliders set in my level, and Origin shifting done through a blueprint and colider. If the player walk around, after a certain point a blueprint will re-base the origin. Now, I am having trouble detecting overlap events between a sphere that is set to ignore origin shifting, and another which does get its origin updated. So I’m curious, is this by design? If the spherical colliders aren’t “moving”, but one has it’s position changed (moved) into the other because of the origin shifting behavior, then, is it true that “begin overlap” events will not be triggered, or is my issue something else?

I’ve attached a screenshot, as you can see, the green arrow and sphere collider is overlapping the grey tiles which should be painted green. The blueprint that check for the collision on event tick, every 5 seconds, continues to report only the old original chunks that it collided with at the beginning of the game.