Origin and Box content in Random point in bounding box

So basically I don’t know what to attach to origin and box content as in this picture

What I want to achieve is to have a floating object moving randomly in a specific area.
Thank you in advance for all your answers :smiley:

hi man! origin box would be the world location of your collision box or volumen if you prefer to call it! and in box extent , goes the box extent of the same collision box - I attach a pic -

in my example I use a add child actor to component , but I saw that you are going for an impulse… so , in that case you must try what come best!

Alright thanks for your help. I will try it later :smiley:

if i want to spawn items inside his box bounds, but i want to limit de Y’s and Z’s, just do the random spawn on X’s, how can i do it?

You posted this as an answer, not a comment.

But to answer this question, you can right click on the ‘box extent’ input on the ‘Random Point in Bounding Box’ node and click split struct pin. Then you can do the same for your other box extent and then only connect the inputs you want randomized.


I need to send my enemies (AI) to a random location in the world (somewhere inside a box collision) and I can’t use the Random Point in Bounding Box. I have to use a lerp between two Scene Components and get a random float for the alpha.

I don’t know why this is happening. My NavMesh is ok and sometimes the enemies walk to the Random point, but sometimes it doesn’t.