Oriental Palace,temple/Archway/Mountain gate/Chinese style ancient architecture

Video address https:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaEKU3WAors

This is the mysterious temple of the East China. From the building to the vegetation, it is full of elements of the ancient East. It is suitable for any scene that needs Chinese elements。
It has a unique ancient charm, like an exotic oil painting, with a sense of fairy

This scene has just been submitted for review. The scene uses mountains from the southern coastal areas of China, and all resources are independently produced.
I hope that not too much modification, ue4 review is more and more troublesome, it is a nightmare for relatively large product production.
In fact, I want to use photo scanning technology in the process of making plants and rocks. Unfortunately, computer graphics cards are not NVIDIA and cannot support this technology. This is a pity.
I hope this product will bring me the funds to purchase the latest NVIDIA graphics card, and provide better resources for future works.
At present, the pricing of the price is still considered, considering 60 to 70 US dollars, but very lack of funds, if 39 US dollars can not sell more in a quarter? In fact, I also want to collect some suggestions for this price.