Orient rotation to movement does not work when simulate physics is enabled

Hi all,

I have searched the internet dead for a solution to my issue and while I have found some people asking similar questions to those of mine, they have had no responses. The issue I am having has to do with rotating the direction of a sphere when I rotate the direction of the camera.

For example, if I rotate the camera to face the “front” of the sphere and press W to go forward, the sphere must rotate around and move forward. At the moment, all I can achieve is getting free movement with the camera, however, if the camera is facing the “front” of the sphere and I press W, the sphere continues to move towards the camera, so technically backwards.

I have tried tweaking everything with a pawn version of my game, as well as everything with a character version. The third person template has the exact movement I am trying to achieve, however, once I have correctly set all the collision presets, I simulate physics in order to get the realistic roll that a sphere should have and that’s where things go wrong. The camera works perfectly with simulate physics disabled but as soon as it is, the problem described above just reappears. I have made sure that “orient rotation to movement”, “use pawn control rotation”, “inherit pitch, yaw and roll” are all set to true and all the options that could interfere with any of them to false such as “use controller rotation pitch, yaw and roll”.

I know this is probably a relatively simple issue to fix. I have managed to figure everything out myself until this so I would GREATLY, SERIOUSLY appreciate a solution to this. I am using blueprints so some pictures of what anyone is willing to recommend would also be greatly, greatly be appreciated!


If you could show pictures of your blueprint graph that would be helpful but it’s probably something along the lines of getting the current forward vector and adding force along that vector since simulate physics is on.