Orient rotation to camera?

Is their a way to rotate the player model with the camera? I’m using this for an ADS system I’m making.

  • if you’re ADS, you’re in first person, then there’s nothing to turn. (unless you have an advanced VR ARMA-style setup where the player’s body is separate from their head / cam and rotates independently; also, MechWarrior-style controls)

  • if you’re using a 3rd person, there’s no ADS but perhaps some sort of zoom instead? That’s unless you’re flipping cameras from 1st to 3rd, that is. Do you want an over-the-shoulder camera, like in the Mass Effect series / 3rd person shooters? Where focusing on the target changes the way the player camera moves. Like in GTA?

You will need to clarify in detail what’s needed.

I’m using a third person character and I want the player to rotate with the character. Like in Fortnite, for example, when you ADS your character follows the camera’s rotation.
I have already created the zoom function using timelines.

Try setting “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” on your Character when ADSing

To clarify:

This is ADS - aiming down the sight:

This is not ADS:

This is a yaw-locked over the shoulder camera and the control can be easily toggled like so:

Image from Gyazo

Grumpy because of Naming Conventions :expressionless: meh. Waiting for someone to tell me that lag means low fps…

I thought lag was when your Wifi wasn’t 5G :smiley:

I know. I meant like in Outriders, you hold down RMB and it zooms in and aims your weapon.
I would consider that an ADS.