"Orient" parallax occlusion mapping (with normals ?)

What I mean by that is make the displacement follow another direction than the mesh normals. I guess if that was possible we would use a normal map somewhere, but what would be the node setup ?

Yep you can do that, but you would need to modify POM node to do calculation in a space, that is defined by you, rather than tangent space. That is however quite advanced and mostly unnecessary in most POM usage scenarios.

Thanks. The reason I’d like to do that is because I’m creating a fur material for a furry playable character and so far it looks okay but the direction of the “displacement” makes the fur look like it’s bristling.

It’s quite necessary in my case and I’d like to give it a try and see for myself if it’s beyond my scope or not. If you have some info or links on how to set this up please let me know.

Can you clarify this “space that is defined by you” ? Is there a more specific term I could use in my research ?

I don’t think you will find particular implementation details. You would need to do research of your own. If you have basic understanding of HLSL and how PoM works, you could work your way towards something.
Right away I would think about adding additional texture, that would define difference between tangent space and fur direction, and use it to adjust PoM calculations accordingly.