Orient Character to movement vector instead of acceleration?

I was experimenting with 3rd person Character Movement component and there is an option to rotate character towards acceleration. Even its called “Orient Rotation to Movement” it doesn’t work that way. Actually it orients character to acceleration vector. Not movement! And it looks bad. Especially if movement tweaked to be fluid, with some acceleration/deceleration delay. What’s actually looking good is orienting the character exactly to the current movement speed vector! I tried it with SetActorRotation with orientation from GetVelocity. But there is a problem. When the character starts to move from completely still position it turns instantly. Also if character changes direction of movement to exactly opposite it also turns instantly. Setting of rotation rates as of Character actor or Character Movement component is completely ignored.
So, my question is: Is there a better way to do that? May be I didn’t noticed an option somewhere? Or May be there is a node that tells character to rotate towards given vector, but using Rotation Rates that comes from Character Movement component? What is the right way to do that?