Organize project / blueprints clean and tidy - question.

Ok while some of my blueprints growing to something big, i have to use the searchfunction to find specific parts.
Even with folderstructure and different subfolders for every asset / blueprint/sounds and stuff inside it, sometimes it is complicated.
Now i spend a little time, every time i search something, but soon time (useless) will increase, while code is growing.
How do you make it, that you do not loose control/overview/usability?

  1. suitable names -> A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums
  2. a good folder structure -> but not too complex. e.g it’s easier to just open the bp + click the “search” icon beside the static mesh component instead of clicking/searching through your folder structure till you find the right mesh

e.g you could create a mesh folder with a subfolder for “blueprint meshes” and another one for “level meshes” → you can do the same with audio, textures,… :slight_smile:

  1. use functions, macros,… in your blueprints

Ok so far i am not so far away from doing it right, but macros are far over my head for now. I am happy that i start to really understand a bit of Variables and functions and need some exercise/practice on that first.
There is so much cool stuff inside UE4 to learn, that i have to focus on something, or it will never end.
The materialpart alone has so much fascinating stuff inside, enough for three lives, and to organize the materials and used textures.
The naming convention stuff is perfect, but new for me. printing

Organize your variables into Categories. And use/create “Set/Get” variables for avoid distant connections or crossed connections .

Use functions where you can, and local variables in this functions when you not need access or keep that variables outside of these functions

And after finish each part of your code revise, optimize and check what can you reuse before do the next functionality or the project will be growing and harder.

Normally after your finish any functionality think that surely there are a way more clean and easy/direct of do that than your first prototype. Analyze it, do it.

Thank you very much.
For me it is really important to understand, what is going on inside BP.
I am happy that i understood dispatchers now, was really confusing to communicate sometimes, between BP actors, inside BP actors.
Hard to understand for me, why i have to reference inside LevelBP, but it is a solution.

Understand the concepts of game programming and BP programming its the hard part for begin. And the most important for doing and known how do the things in the right way.

There are lots of tutorials and documentation for doing things but unfortunately not about the basic concepts for begin and understand what are you doing and how works and why you need do that in that way. That was my main problem when a begin with that (and yet now, sometimes). But with work and trying understand finally all puzzle pieces begin fit. Just time, patience and not to be discouraged

Welcome in the club, “aka” “i am not alone”.
I had some big problems, because in an Uengineupdate the detailspanelview was changed, i was lost because of different layout against the tutorials. ^^