Organize plugins better

4.24 made some improvements on Plugin management for new projects. I really appreciate that you can disable VR plugins now!


I found several issues with plugins.
First of all. Many plugins have own groups.
As example: Web browser is in the Widgets group, yet, there’s a **Web **group.
You also may see **the **Undefined group there.

Some plugins now can’t be enabled without Chaos plugin, yet Chaos itself doesn’t work.

Mobile plugins grouping is complete insanity, you can find mobile plugins anywhere. We even have the Android group that has only ONE plugin in it.

The other thing is Dev connector Plugins (Integration).

Why Windows build has an XCode plugin enabled by default?


Magic Leap. Yeah. No clue why it’s everywhere… Yet they have own Lumin group.


I’ve already requested this before.
We need to separate Engine Plugins from Project Plugins.
Every user has own setup. Especially that’s important for projects that are using Source Control.

Thank You.

It looks like no one cares.

@VictorLerp You like that this way?

Thank You!