Organic 3d Models

I am making some organic NURBS models and bring them in Unreal for the use as modular 3d assets. If someone wants em, just PM me.

2 pieces, the larger one with a variable surface to create a optional inset or flat surface:

Combination example 1: the smaller module 3 times, scaled differently in Ued to create the step design. Larger module with inset as soil/bed.

Combination example 2: each module just once, other materials:

Using other materials to create a pond in the inset and a lightsource for the statue:

Using the modules as wall/panels or lights:

A design for a bed with adjustable antenna lamps:

Variations of the materials:

As window:

A double-sided bench with planter. Here in different use-case examples for the planter and in different materials:

Modular staircase with differend ends:

Left side of staircase and right side demonstrating different variations with materials (lit up handrail) and module use (end of staircase). Also this variation has the iridescent marble from Paragon as main material:

Here a base variation of a staircase for getting on from different angles/sides:

The statuette of the 3 dancing figures by the bench:

Here some of the organic models put together in a scene.
The shape of the building’s roof references to the sand dunes and tents.
No static light build, only dynamic lights and shadows.

Using T-splines for freeforms and combining them with the curve geometries:

Here a setting for a bar/lounge.

1942fb56afcb3499546ea958a1a36588f072dbb6.jpeg Skyscraper with sun-sail to the hot south-side.

-Regarding a pack: 2 reasons why i am not releasing a pack yet:

  1. I am still in the midst of making models
  2. i don’t have a common theme for a pack, as right now i got so many different assets, like furniture, skyscrapers, roofs, walls, colums, …Maybe I may group them later in categories, like: interiror modules, exterior modules, furniture and so on.

Here a lounge chair with build-in reading light. The emissive material and spotlight actor can be triggered to be switched on/off :slight_smile:

Modules for a multi-dwelling house:

My street pergola with one side in the shade for working/reading/eating…and one sunny side:

Tailor-made for the Unreal mannequin:

Thank you. Here a asymetrical vase:

The “carport” module in different use-cases:

  1. as single or double carport (mirrored):
  1. as winter-garden:

  2. as swimming-pool cover:

garden pond / art:

Tunnel, hallway, organic architecture:

Testing modular skyscraper designs:

Architecture modules for a Sci-Fi project:

Different rails, handrails, walkways to combine and different material examples:


A car and a bike in similar design: