Order of (Landscape) Shader Compiling

Currently it takes Ages to compile our Landscape Material. Everytime you edit the Material some thousand Shaders have to be compiled and it seams that the interesting landscape section is compiled at last one while you see a lot of compiled sections in the far distance. So you have to wait a long time to see your result. The Shader Compiling should be prioritized by the distance to the camera.
The same “problem” appears when there is a base material with a lot of instances in the scene. When editing the base material all instances have to be recompiled and the object you are waiting for is everytime the last one.

Another small issue:
When editing the Landscape Material then e.g. 4000 Shaders are compiling. When editing the Material while the Shaders are compiling and Applying another time then 8000 Shaders are compiling. Then you see that your section is compiled and you are happy but then you see that this is the old one and you have to wait until the new one is compiled. The Engine should eliminate the outdated shaders from the compiler list.

Any Feedback from Epic?