Order of Character Begin Play vs Game Mode Begin Play

When loading a new level, does the Begin Play event of the Player Character always occur before the Begin Play event of the Game Mode?

It all just depends, see here. Overall best to code your own startup ‘is-valid’ checks…
(Otherwise there’s no guarantee tests done now won’t change with engine versions…
And no guarantee OS / hardware changes wont cause some new race condition too).

Have a look at the Game Flow Overview. You should probably move any Player Character spawning into to the control of the Gamemode, that way everything is set up correctly.

Thank you! That’s what I was worried about. I will try to control the startup dependencies manually.

Yeah that might work.

Agree with the part in bold but not the linked-chart as I think its misleading.
I’ve noticed in PIE, the default Pawn is created before Gamemode, WTF?

Yes confusing when default pawn is specified in game mode but spawns before. Seems to work fine now though when I set the default pawn to None and spawned it manually.

Another case where Epic should fix the docs.

Definitely agree, seems like the safest option…