Orchestral adventure/fantasy suite, free

A free suite of atmospheric, orchestral tracks in a fairytale/fantasy style, composed and recorded using a combination of live string recordings and sampled instruments, free to download and include in your project.
Two main looping tracks of 4-6 minutes duration with alternative mixes, and 4 ‘ambient’ tracks around 1-2 mins each, useful for setting a scene.

Audio samples: https://soundcloud.com/alborada/fairytale-suite-sample

I’ve submitted to the marketplace, if you like what you hear please vote for it on trello:https://trello.com/c/r8AWJUGj

And some background on me here: http://www.nicholassinger.com


Here’s a full length track from the pack: https://soundcloud.com/alborada/rpg-music-peaceful-village-night

Just a reminder that this pack is 100% free, please vote on Trello before it gets taken down! Thanks :slight_smile: