orbitSIM - An Advanced 3D Visualization Training Tool for Spacecraft Operators


I while ago I’ve posted a thread about the “ISSOrbit”. The tool is used to to show the International Space Station in Earth orbit and it’s current position at the public area of the German Space Operartions Center (see link below).

Using this tool as a basis we have put lots effort into implementing more features to create a advanced visualization training tool for our spacecraft operators.
Two of the generic features provided by our tool is the integration of:

  • TLE library; This library converts “Two Line Elements” data into a Earth Centered Inertial coordinate system
  • Spice library: NASA’s Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility (NAIF) was established at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to lead the design and implementation of the “SPICE” ancillary information system. SPICE is used throughout the life cycle of NASA planetary science missions to help scientists and engineers design missions, plan scientific observations, analyze science data and conduct various engineering functions associated with flight projects.

Using these two libraries it is possible to visualize any object with available TLE data orbiting the Earth as well as simulating the whole solar system and any celestial body.

The screenshots below show the GenericVisualization level

I’ve uploaded a new video showing the part of the International Space Station of the Software.

In cooperation with our GMV headquarter in Madrid/Spain we have able to provide a video for PAZ Spain’s first spy satellite launched by SpaceX Falcon 9 on 22nd of February this year. This video was made with our OrbitSim tool loading the space mission scenario prepared by GMV’s focussuite flight dynamics tool.

Here’s the video

and a link to Spanish Newspaper…

Just another story about the tool…